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ISA Server 2006 Software Development Kit (SDK) (Eng) Version: 2006.2

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ISA Server 2006 Software Development Kit (SDK) (Eng) Version: 2006.2
The ISA Server 2006 SDK enables you to extend ISA Server 2006 features and to automate their configuration. Components that can be created with the ISA Server SDK may include application filters, Web filters, configuration scripts, and user interface extensions.

The ISA Server 2006 SDK enables developers to:

- Automate tasks performed through the ISA Server Management user interface using the administration COM objects. This capability allows administrators to create scripts to automate repetitive or complex tasks.

- Develop Web filters as run-time extensions of the ISA Server Web proxy, detecting and processing HTTP request notifications to monitor, evaluate, and intercept HTTP traffic. Web filters are similar in functionality to ISAPI filters that work with Internet Information Services (IIS).

- Develop application filters as extensions of the Microsoft Firewall service. Use exposed COM interfaces to extend security and access control for the Firewall service.

- Extend the ISA Server Management MMC snap-in by creating a custom MMC snap-in for new application filters and Web filters.
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