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ISACertTool for ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition

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ISACertTool for ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition

ISACertTool.exe helps you deploy the certificates required to authenticate communications between ISA Server array members and the Configuration Storage server in a number of ISA Server deployment scenarios.

ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition uses a Configuration Storage server as a storage mechanism for enterprise and array settings. ISA Server array members must be able to connect to a Configuration Storage server, and certificates are required to authenticate this connection in the following scenarios:

• When ISA Server computers are not installed in a domain (workgroup mode).
• When ISA Server array members are part of a domain that does not have a trust relationship with the domain in which the Configuration Storage server is located.

Certificate configuration is done during ISA Server Setup, but if you want to change configuration settings after installation, ISACertTool.exe helps you do the following:

• Install a server certificate on the Configuration Storage server.
• Install a root certificate on each array member to indicate that it trusts the Certification Authority that issued the server certificate.

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